2019 Sanctuary Cinema Series

January 23 to 27 – 7:00PM

Every year, the sanctuary brings the world of ocean and Great Lakes cinema to Alpena!

February 21 – 7:00PM

For more than 100 years, it was assumed that the Cornelia B. Windiate was lost in Lake Michigan. But when she’s found, it’s in another lake altogether! There’s not a mark on her. No crew. No sign of what caused her to sink. Hosts and veteran divers, John Chatterton and Richie Kohler, dive to examine one of the world’s most pristine shipwrecks and help develop a new solution to one the strangest mysteries of the Great Lakes.

February 28 – 7:00PM

Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet

March 23 & 30 – 2:00PM

Sisbro Studios have delighted family audiences for years with their ocean and Great Lakes themed films. Enjoy an hour and a half of family matinee selections back to back!

April 18 – 7:00PM

A collection of National Marine Sanctuary short films that bring ocean and Great Lakes treasures to the big screen. 

May 22 – 7:00PM

Described as “one part obsession, one part addiction,” this film showcases the unending quest for adventure and introduces surfing in the Great Lakes. 

June 15 – 1:00PM – 7:00PM

This traveling festival showcases the world’s best paddling films to audiences in Canada, United States, and around the world.

July 18 – 7:00PM

Big Brownie follows the forty year run of Alpena’s Brown Trout Festival, the country’s longest running blue water festival.

August 22 – 7:00PM

Lake Huron has been hit with numerous exotic species invasions over the last century. Biologists are racing to understand these changes and restore balance to the third largest lake in the world before the next invader arrives.

September 26 – 7:00PM

Adventure enthusiasts Gary and Ely Irving are back with a new season, highlighting four locations in Northern Michigan that are a must to check off your outdoor sports bucket list.

October 24 – 7:00PM

Narrated by maritime author Frederick Stonehouse, this documentary explores Great Lakes lighthouse hauntings at Whitefish Point, Big Bay Point, Old Presque Isle, and Seul Choix Point. 

November 7 – 7:00PM

Crossing Lake Superior follows a riveting 60-mile journey three men took with their paddle boards across a lake that is often a force to be reckoned with

December 20 – 7:00PM

In November of 1912, the schooner Rouse Simmons left upper Michigan ferrying 5,000 Christmas trees to Chicago. The ship disappears, and for 60 years there’s no trace of it. In 1971 a scuba diver discover the legendary, lost “Christmas Tree Ship.”