2019 Sanctuary Lecture Series

March 7 – 7:00PM

Dr. Sherri A. Mason, Sustainability Coordinator at Penn State Behrend

March 21 – 7:00PM

Michael Beaulac, Office of the Great Lakes

April 4 – 7:00PM

Brad Barr, PhD, NOAA/ONMS Maritime Heritage Program

May 9 – 7:00PM

Steve Ruberg, Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab

May 23 – 7:00PM

Dean Anderson, Michigan State Archaeologist 

June 10 – 7:00PM

Dr. Bopaiah Biddanda, Grand Valley State University

June 14 – 7:00PM

Dr. Caitlyn Perry Dial, Historian

July 11 – 7:00PM

Dr. John O’Shea, University of Michigan

July 25 – 7:00PM

Charles Beeker, Indiana University

August 8 – 8:00PM

Mary Stewart Adams, Star Lore Historian

August 20 – 7:00PM

Tom Rayburn, Lake Carriers’ Association

August 14 – 7:00PM

Stephen Kade, O.L. Smith Middle School

September 19 – 7:00PM

Dave Dempsey, Author and Great Lakes Policy Leader

October 17 – 7:00PM

Carol Trembath, Children’s Author

November 21 – 7:00PM

Bruce Lynn, Director of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

December 12 – 7:00PM

C. Patrick Labadie, Maritime Historian