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Working with Sharks as a NOAA Teacher at Sea-  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration program NOAA Teacher At Sea program provides educators an opportunity to work alongside  NOAA scientists to assist them in their research at sea aboard NOAA ships. Once they return to the classroom, educators can take the information they learned and teach their students about their experience at sea to get students more engaged in real world science. Michigan art educator Stephen Kade will discuss his experience aboard the NOAA ship Oregon II as they traversed the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean researching sharks. In his presentation he will show photos and videos about the process of catching, researching, and releasing sharks and using that information to help their populations. He will also show how he is using art to help students learn about these amazing animals and getting them engaged in animal conservation as they create art to make their community aware of threatened and endangered animals. Here is a link to his Teacher at Sea blog:https://noaateacheratsea.blog/author/skade2018/

Stephen Kade is a a fine art painter that shows his work at festivals around Michigan. He has been a certified art educator for six years, and is currently teaching at O.L. Smith MIddle School in Dearborn, MIchigan. He continues to work with NOAA as a Teacher at Sea. He resides in Walled Lake, Michigan. See his work at www.stephenkade.com

Photo Caption: Michigan teacher Stephen Kade on the NOAA ship Oregon II during his Teacher at Sea Program.

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