Can I bring my dog on board the cruise?2022-06-28T08:31:12-04:00

Pets are not allowed on board our cruises. In accordance with the American’s With Disabilities Act, we allow service animals aboard our boats. If assistance is needed in boarding the vessel, please contact us 72 hours in advance.

What if we are going to miss our cruise?2023-07-28T07:48:34-04:00

Refunds and exchanges will NOT be granted after the time of your scheduled cruise even in the case of a missed departure. If you foresee that you may not make a cruise you have already purchased tickets for, call our ticket office immediately at (888) 469-4696 and staff will help you with an exchange dependent on availability.

Is the seating on the boat assigned?2023-07-28T07:48:07-04:00

No. Choice of seating is decided on a first-come, first-served basis. Purchasing a ticket for a specific date and time guarantees you a seat on the cruise at that date and time, but it does not determine where your seat on the boat will be. Those lined up first for boarding will get the first choice. On holiday weekends and during the months of July and August, we strongly recommend arriving 30 to 45 minutes prior to your cruise departure time.

When might the cruise be canceled?2023-07-28T07:47:48-04:00

Cruises are typically only canceled for severe weather that might result in danger to the passengers. Such weather may include strong winds and high waves, fog, or severe thunderstorms. Otherwise, our cruises run rain or shine, warm or cold. We do our best to keep passengers with already purchased tickets informed via email or phone if we foresee cruise cancellations, however weather and lake conditions can change quickly and forewarning is not always possible. Alpena Shipwreck Tours reserves the right to cancel a cruise for any reason.

Do cruises sell out?2023-07-28T07:47:31-04:00

Yes, cruises frequently sell out. Pre-purchasing tickets is highly recommended.

When are tours available?2023-07-28T07:47:12-04:00

Our available schedule can be found on alpenashipwrecktours.com. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we operate at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm daily. Please note: If you are purchasing tickets online and are not able to select a specific date/time, that cruise is not available. Call our ticket office at (888) 469-4696 for the most up to date schedule.

How do I purchase tickets?2023-07-28T07:46:47-04:00

Tickets can be purchased online at alpenashipwrecktours.com, over the phone at (888) 469-4696, or in person at the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center. Please note: pre-purchasing tickets is highly recommended. Cruises frequently sell out and in the event of cancellation, we have your email address and phone number to contact you as soon as possible.

How much does a cruise cost?2023-07-28T07:46:23-04:00

Adult ticket: $39

Child ticket (12 to 6 year): $14

Under 5 :$1

When are you open and where are you located?2023-07-28T07:46:05-04:00

We are open daily, from 8 am until 5pm from mid-May through mid-October. Visitors will find us at the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center located in downtown Alpena.

Cruises depart from our location at:
500 West Fletcher Street
Alpena, MI 49707

Do I get off the boat at any point during the cruise?2023-07-28T07:43:23-04:00

No. Passengers remain on the boat for the entire duration of the cruise.

Are strollers allowed on board?2023-07-28T07:42:07-04:00

No assembled strollers are permitted aboard the boats. Only small umbrella strollers that can easily be folded up and stored are allowed. Most passengers find that a car seat or body carrier works well if bringing an infant.

Is smoking allowed on board?2022-06-28T08:32:32-04:00

No, smoking is prohibited.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?2022-06-28T08:32:08-04:00

No, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on board our cruises.

Are food and beverages available on board?2022-06-28T08:31:42-04:00

We offer a variety of sodas, bottled water, and assorted snacks for sale on board the boat. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages; however, we do not allow large coolers or alcoholic beverages on board.

Where can I park?2022-06-28T08:20:06-04:00

There is free, ample parking available on-site, with the majority of spaces located across the street from the NOAA visitor center. This lot also includes space for RV parking.

Are life jackets provided?2022-06-28T08:30:31-04:00

There are life jackets for every person on board (including children’s life jackets).

What should I wear, what should I bring?2022-06-28T08:30:05-04:00

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. A light jacket and sunscreen is always recommended. Don’t forget your camera…it is possible to get photos of the shipwrecks through the glass bottom!

How can I find out about the weather in Thunder Bay?2022-06-28T08:29:37-04:00

Weather in Thunder Bay is unpredictable (they don’t call it Thunder Bay for nothing!) Find the most updated weather observations at http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/metdata/apn.

What if it rains?2022-06-28T08:29:08-04:00

We operate rain or shine. The boat has an enclosed cabin.

Is the tour narrated?2022-06-28T08:28:39-04:00

Yes, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary provides trained Sanctuary Interpreters who will provide you with an informative and interesting narration throughout your tour of Shipwreck Alley.

What are your refund and exchange policies?2022-06-28T08:28:09-04:00

If the tour returns early due to weather, you will be provided with a free future ticket. If Alpena Shipwreck Tours cancels a cruise, you will be provided a full refund.

How much does a cruise cost?2022-12-14T10:20:10-05:00

Adult tickets:

Child tickets:
Ages 6-12: $14
Ages 5 & Under: $1

Are there any specialty tours?2022-06-28T08:27:08-04:00

Yes! There are a number of specialty cruises.

  • Join Alpena Shipwreck Tours for a Saturday evening Sunset Cruise to Thunder Bay Island* in July and August. *weather permitting
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July with an evening Fireworks Cruise
  • Learn firsthand about the natural and cultural treasures of Thunder Bay with a Classroom Cruise for students k-12
  • Dream up your own specialty cruise and charter the boat!
How long does the cruise last?2022-06-28T08:26:21-04:00

The regular cruises are approximately two hours long.

Do you accept credit cards?2022-06-28T08:25:41-04:00

We accept MasterCard and Visa for purchases made in the gift shop and ticket office.

Are there restrooms on the boats?2022-06-28T08:21:02-04:00

Yes, the boat is equipped with restrooms.

Is the boat handicap accessible?2022-06-28T08:20:39-04:00

The Alpena Shipwreck Tour team works closely with customers to assist with any particular needs or special requirements. Our boats are ONLY equipped to accommodate up to 28” wide, non-motorized wheelchairs.

Please note that there are stairs to the upper deck; therefore, handicapped guest access is somewhat limited to the outdoor seating on the upper deck. The glass viewing wells are located in the lower deck, which is accessible by wheelchair. Limited seating is also available on the lower, outer deck, which is also accessible by wheelchair. Advance boarding and departures are available upon request. For inquiries and plans to best serve special needs, please email us at info@alpenashipwrecktours.com, or call 1-800-469-4696 72 hours in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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