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Construct a “human-powered” boat made of corrugated cardboard that will hold at least one crew member and be “seaworthy” to race (for a short while at least) on the Thunder Bay River in Alpena.

Fun for everyone in the family!
Anyone age 10 or older may enter the race.|
Individuals, Groups, Non-Profits, Businesses, Corporate, and School Teams come join us!

Boat Classes

Class 1: Kids’ Paddle (10 – 14 year old sailors)
Class 2: Single Sailor
Class 3: Crew of Two
Class 4: The Whole Crew-Group (minimum of 3 sailors to compete)


Class Awards:
1st place awards for speed in each class

Single Awards:
Pride of the Fleet Award: Most well engineered (design and floatability)
Admiral’s Award: Most innovative and unique design
Captain’s Award: Based on team dress (costumes), team involvement with spectators and crowd response, and team spirit.
Titanic Award: The most dramatic sinking. Boat must float and clear (50 feet) beyond the starting line. Best effort NOT to sink.
Most Sailors Afloat Award: Most sailors in a boat and it has to float.
Judges Bribe Award: Let it not be said that we are above bribing the judges! Anyone and everyone may bribe a judge. Contributions (aka bribes) are considered a donation to the Friends of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The current “highest bribe” will be posted all day.
Thunder Bay Cup: Overall race winner based on time.
Battle Royale: Open to all participants, an all-out race to the finish after the Thunder Bay Cup. Racers are encouraged to bring squirt guns to intimidate their opponents! 


10:00 – 1:00pm: Set up and fine tune your boat
1:00pm: Check-In Deadline, review by judges
2:30pm: Races begin starting with Class 1
4:00pm: Awards Ceremony at Rotary Island by Registration Tent