Sanctuary Cinema Series- Great Lakes Ghost Ship

CORNELIA B. WINDIATE1874 Wooden three-masted schoonerPhoto: NOAA Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Don't miss this intriguing film about one of the Great Lakes' most mysterious shipwrecks! The 1870s were a time of boom and bust on the Great Lakes, with more than a thousand ships competing for business. On November 27th, 1875, [...]

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Winter Layups Await for Spring

Historically, the Gales of November have long been known for ushering in long, cold winters throughout northern Michigan. When lake conditions became too hazardous for ships to travel, or when ice began blocking entrances to harbors, thousands of commercial ships became dormant. Usually beginning in early to mid-December, and sometimes lasting until the following May, [...]

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Superintendent’s Statement

Two historic Great Lakes shipwrecks discovered in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary NOAA maritime archaeologists and partners have located and identified two previously undiscovered historic shipwrecks in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The shipwrecks are the wooden steamer Ohio (1873-1894) and the steel-hulled steamer Choctaw (1892-1915). In May 2017, a sanctuary-led expedition used high-resolution [...]

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