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Come to the sanctuary’s latest in the Sanctuary Cinema Series! Filmmaker’s Sisbro Studios have delighted family audiences for years with their ocean and Great Lakes themed films.  Enjoy an hour and a half of family matinee selections back-to-back starting at 2:00 pm. Selection includes three shorts and two full length features. Free and open to the public.


Marvelous Musical Report of the Marine National Monuments (10 minutes, not rated)  Dive into the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean to take a closer look at these incredible, remote monuments: Rose Atoll, Papahānaumokuākea, Marianas Trench, and Pacific Remote Islands. Created for NOAA.

The Shipwreck Wheel of Misfortune (6 minutes, not rated)  What do you do if you find yourself shipwrecked on a deserted island? Host your own imaginary gameshow, that’s what! Sisbro co-produced this short piece as part of an educational exhibit on shipwrecks for NOAA.

My Haggan Dream (9 minutes, not rated)  On the island of Saipan, a young girl’s mysterious dream about a haggan, or green sea turtle, leads her to investigate the sea turtles that live around her home. Join her adventure to find turtles, which leads to a wonderful birthday wish. Co-Produced by Sisbro Studios and Open Boat Films. Funded by NOAA.

Riddle in a Bottle   (30 minutes, not rated)  The Riddle in a Bottle is a half-hour movie for children, which shares how life on earth is connected through moving water.  It is also the movie that inspired the children’s book A Pirate’s Quest.What is the movie about?  Laura and Robert, a.k.a. “The Riddle Solvers,” are two siblings who run a riddle-solving stand, where they solve riddles for 5¢ a piece.  We follow them as they solve a mysterious riddle from the ocean that reaches them on an inland lake… in a message in a magic bottle. As Laura and Robert try to solve the riddle, they receive three clues (via message in a bottle) from underwater creatures who each offer a different solution to the riddle . . . currents, tides or weather. The first story sweeps you into a vivid blue ocean where baby loggerhead sea turtles drift along the ocean currents under floating mats of sargassum algae. The second story takes you to the coastline, where daily life is based around the rhythm of the tides. The third story plunges you into a freshwater vernal pond, whose occupants depend on the heavy spring rains for survival. Finally, The Riddle Solvers meet a one-legged pirate, who sings a song that helps pave the way to the riddle’s answer. This lively mix of mystery, music, humor and vivid animal footage is a perfect way for young children to understand how they are connected with water far away.

The Shark Riddle  (30 minutes, not rated)  The Shark Riddle, the second episode in The Riddle Solvers series, is a half-hour shark film for the whole family – featuring HD footage of over 20 shark species. The movie was crafted as a co-production between Sisbro Studios, LLC and the Save Our Seas Foundation. What is the biggest shark in the ocean, and what do its teeth look like? That is the mysterious riddle that The Riddle Solvers must figure out. Join their adventure through the pages of a magical journal to solve this riddle and meet a raucous group of singing sea lions, experience the underwater game show Are You a Shark?, hear a shark lullaby, go to shark camp and discover the powerful and magnificent world of sharks. This charming and hilarious look at the ocean’s top predators has received ‘two fins up’ from sharks everywhere!


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